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Planning the BIG Day

- by Lyle

Well, it looks like I'm getting involved in all of this planning.  We've split the work out between us.  Tate is taking care of ordering silk wedding flowers, wedding cake, her dress (of course), and the venue.  I'm in charge of the food (yes!), my suit, transport.  Then the rest will be done between us, which sounds quite dangerous if you ask me.  If we're not careful, we'll be the only ones on the guest list as we'll both think the other is arranging it.  "Surely not!?" I hear you cry.  "Don't count on it" I say!

When I say that I'm in charge of the food, what I actually mean is that I'm charge of making sure we're getting the food that Tate has decided we're getting.  I quite like that idea - a simple task without the responsibility of having to make a decision.

Suit is easy.  First shop I find that sells a suit, gets my custom.

Transport - now there's a serious decision to make.  Do I stick to traditional and go for luxury?  Do I go for something romantic like a horse drawn carriage?  Maybe an convertible?  There's a reason I was only given three tasks - I've been given the most complicated decision known to man - decide on the wheels.  This could take some time...