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Tate Said "YES!"

- by Lyle

We're getting married! I popped the question to Tate a few days ago and she said "yes". Obviously, she doesn't know what she's letting herself in for... Anyway, before long, she was looking at wedding flowers, dresses, venues etc.

Then it occurred to me:  What exactly do we need to do?  More to the point, what do I do?  Even better - do I need to do anything?  Now, there's a moral dilemma.  Do I volunteer to help, or do I keep quiet and wait to be given instructions? (or hopefully none). Maybe I'll be told to leave well alone, and that it's a job for 'the girls'.  On the other hand, I may be given a long list of tasks.

Mind you, there is a part that I can arrange - the stag night.  How difficult is it to book a flight to an exotic location along with a hotel.  A quick, light, healthy dinner with a glass of wine or two.  Then head back home to the love of my life.  Did I miss a stage there?

Anyway, I know need to go figure out a way to approach this...